Mediterranean guide by @sexycybergirl x x x
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Mediterranean guide by @sexycybergirl x x x

The Mediterranean has us all wanderlusting with its countless beautiful spots, food and culture. This is why we partnered up with our gorgeous girl @sexycybergirl to give you guys a little guide to the best spots in the region, some amazing food places and some shopping tips x x x  


"I got so lucky to be able to spend two months exploring the medeteranian coastlines, from Italy to Greece, ive managed to find the most beautiful these countries have to offer. Theres nothing quite like bronzing up on the Ionian Sea or exploring the tiny alleyways of Italian villages, so heres my favourite spots I visited.

Amalfi Coast Italy.

We spent the majority of out Amalfi stay in a village away from the hustle and bustle, a town called Nerano. Nerano was a tiny little town we stumbled apon by accident, and to our surprise became our favourite place in Italy that we visited. The main town has as little as 3 shops – two fresh food markets and a café. I think that’s what I loved about it – it was a refreshing break from the craziness of Positano and Sorrento.

Marina Del Cantone was the most accessible, yet beautiful beach to get to from town – a 20 minute walk or a 2 euro bus ride. It almost felt tropical – palms covered the walkway through to the beach, the water was the bluest water I have come across in Italy! We were the only tourists on the whole beach and the locals were the loveliest id met on the trip. we had the most amazing salads lounging beachside in Sorrento, which is a refreshing change in Italy when your diet consists of pizza and pasta. Peters Beach is not only the cutest part of Sorrento, the food is incredible! My favourite part of the Amalfi coast was having an aperol sprits and watching the sun go down on the beach, a must if you are on the Italian coastline.

Cinque Terre, Italy

If you get lucky enough to go further north in Italy, Cinque Terre is a must see. You can either hike the entire five towns or catch trains from one to the other, and let me tell you… its hot. We weren’t prepared for the tremendous hike that we were about to face. Its overall about 6-10 hours depending on how you want to take it. The five villages you see – Monterosso Al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Rio Maggiore are all so uniquely beautiful and exactly what you dream of when you think of colourful Italian coastlines – theres nothing quite like it in the world. My favourite place to swim was Monterosso – the water is aqua and the coast line is covered in green and orange umbrellas, I fell in love the moment I saw it! I also loved Manarola for cliff jumping, where we spent a long time in the evening. We finished the night watching the sunset in Rio Maggiore – a must. I haven’t quite had such an incredible sunset experience like I did that night. We had a very late dinner at Vertical Bar and finished our night off with copious amounts of pesto pasta. It’s a massive trip getting to Cinque Terre, but worth the hype.

Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece

The home of the famous Shipwreck beach, Zante had everything you could want and more. From the moment we arrived it stole my heart. We couldn’t check in for a few hours so we decided to go into one of the main towns – Zante town and have a shop around. Zante is home to the most beautiful array of unique boutiques, crisp linens and natural beauty stores – if you get a chance, take a day out to splash some cash in the main town. We stumbled across a tiny cove to swim at just by the street and to this day I believe it was one of the clearest waters I’ve ever been in. Of course, we couldn’t see Zakynthos without seeing the famous shipwreck, so we took a boat through the blue caves and to the shipwreck, which not to my surprise, was indeed the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Although it was a crazily busy tourist spot, it didn’t take away how much I loved it. We spent the evening snorkeling the blue caves, the caves glow bright blue when youre inside, its like anything ive ever seen! We might have had a slight obsession with this place, but Carpe Diem was the most incredible Greek Taverna and we couldn’t help but visit 5 or 6 times! The staff were unforgettably nice and the food was incredible. I never expected to find such a stylish little tavern in the middle of a greek island. 


Rhodes, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

I spent the most amount of time here exploring my heritage and meeting relatives, so Rhodes has a special place in my heart – I couldn’t not talk about it! Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece, in the three weeks I spent there I didn’t even cover half the island. A couple of the places that really stole my heart was Kallithea Springs and Anthony Quinn Bay.

I spent most days lounging on a boat in Kallithea, the snorkeling is just incredible and the springs building is the most beautiful building ive ever been in. I really recommend spending morning to night basking in the sun and taking in the beauty of Kallithea, you won’t have an experience like this anywhere else.

The shopping in Rhodes was probably the best in Greece, although Rhodes town is built up its still got its local charm. Old town is breathtakingly medieval, its like walking back centuries – you could spend hours strolling around! Rhodes is definitely a slight party island, but in a good way. Elli Beach is covered in beach side bars and taverns but if you want to go to a bar with character and that goes all night, Flou Café/Pub is the most happening bar in town. While it is a locals hangout, the bar staff are the loveliest and friendliest people to be served by! Rhodes has got it all, from beaches to bars to waterfalls, valleys of butterflies and cliffs that go on forever, its unmissable and you could make it a singular trip if you really wanted to.

I could go on about all the incredible spots I visited, this trip was beyond my expectations and I never expected to be so in love with a place – for a first time traveler this holiday was the trip of an absolute lifetime.

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