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Sustainable Packaging


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Packaging is also one of our areas of focus. With an unbelievable amount of plastic wastage from the Fashion industry alone each year, we thought we would change this up and become 100% plastic free in our Packaging and we are so proud of it!

Here are some facts highlighting why we are so proud about eliminating all plastic from our packaging!



Our Packaging Includes:

-         A bit of Plastic Free Washi Tape

-         1 dried Flower

-         1 Brown Paper Bag

-         1 ComPOST Bag.


Our ComPOST bags made by The Better Packaging Co are made with 100% biodegradable materials! Not only these are Plastic Free but you can Compost them at home once you’ve finished using it, and before you even know it worms will be eating it for brekkie! Amazing right? For more information about the Better Packaging Co head to their Instagram @thebetterpackagingco or their website

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